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I started out with house, but now I also play techno. The shopping street in Hatsudai, where I grew up, is totally different from what it used to be. The arcade that I went to when I was a student is gone, a futon shop has also vanished.

1. These Trains Are Shoe Shaped (Or Is It The Other Way Round?)

Japan is known for some of society's most extraordinary ideas and inventions from digital camcorders to instant ramen. Now, the country is on the cusp of. If you want a peek at the future, try looking at Japan. To put it bluntly (as I have argued before): Japan is slowly going out of business; its population is shrinking and it resists immigration. Japan’s economy, though huge, remains the world’s third largest, behind the United.

Hatsudai has changed dramatically since the Opera City was completed. Yoyogi-Koen never used to have this many fancy stores, either. S Anyone that has been in the Japanese club scene for 20 or 30 years would know, but nightlife is a controversial topic in Japan. For the past ten years or so, many people involved in the club scene have been working hard to make the club scene better; however, the big earthquake and the Adult Entertainment Law problem have thrown us off track.

There are many small issues, but I think the main cause boils down to the fact that the club scene has not matured into a culture yet here in Japan. S There are many interesting parties and great DJs in Japan, but I don't think the scene is part of the culture yet. In Europe, people go to nightclubs like we go to izakayas.

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Further information: Demographics of Japan. Don't get used to it it's actually the only one. If you suffer a stroke, can virtual reality help you learn to walk again? Men with heterosexual inexperience from 18 to 39 years old was 20 percent in and increased to By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

S I would recommend the Golden-Gai in Shinjuku. Shimbashi and Koiwa might be fun districts to visit also.

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Teach abroad, travel in Asia, and explore Japan as an educator in a BC-certified offshore school. It is the first and only BC offshore school that operates in Japan. Teaching in Japan offers a myriad of employment and professional benefits, social and cultural experiences as well as travel and adventure.

Is there a future for nuclear power in Japan?

The culture in Japan is homogenous and steeped in tradition. A Japanese government statement also said further talks would seek to eliminate the existing 2. Lighthizer, during a previous stint at the office of the U. But Japan still exports about 1.

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The U. The deal could provide some limited relief for U. However, many of the products gaining new access will still face tariffs that phase out over several years, including wine, ethanol, cheeses, processed pork, poultry, frozen potatoes, oranges, cherries and egg products.

Overview: BC-Certified Offshore Schools in Japan

Motegi told reporters that the tariff cuts on U.