The $10 Billion Jolt: Californias Energy Crisis (Practical Liberty)

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The $10 Billion Jolt: California's Energy Crisis (Practical Liberty) - Kindle edition by James Walsh. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. What happened in the California energy crisis, why it happened and who was to blame. California's energy deregulation is one of the biggest regulatory, political .

Sustainable design helps a Bronx waterfront cement delivery terminal become an award winner. Chronically troubled NYC subway service drives riders to take a hike. The Mayor of Boston announces a waterfront plan for protecting the city from rising sea levels, which could swell 3 feet by Newsworthy because it's so rare , weekend political talk show moderators were spurred to ask questions about climate change. The news, especially on TV, commits 'media malpractice' with its scant attention to climate change.

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NYC's decaying mass transit system makes meeting climate goals even harder, time for congestion pricing to help finance a turn around. Yet [some] would have us walk off the metaphorical cliff of climate inaction based on.. A good carbon tax doesn't trade away legal liabilities or policy prescriptions.

NYC-based Climate Nexus seeks an electric vehicles communications senior manager.

Fact checking Trump's latest on climate change. When I wrote about the importance of covering ClimateChange , a lot of readers responded that washingtonpost is fortunate to have chriscmooney on the case.

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Here's one example of why. The Takeaway gives a snapshot of and then talks with two experts about solutions, Megan Mullin Duke University from the political and Mark Jacobson Stanford University weighs in on technological perspectives.

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Fortieth season owner and architect, Donald Powers, discusses the challenge of making a completely net-zero house out of an old house with a new addition. Forget about climate denialism , climate fatalism think Eeyore can be just as undermining for climate progress. New Yorkers not big on composting yet.

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What's one Brookllyn restaurant doing to go carbon neutral? But energy efficiency resources are infinitely expandable assemblages of ideas that deplete nothing but stupidity — a very abundant if not expanding resource. While NYC targeted a 50, metric ton cut in greenhouse gas emissions from its own buildings, it reduced them by just 38, metric tons in Fiscal Year Senator Warren spearheads a legislative campaign to mandate corporate reporting on the financial risks of climate change.

Plus this: every winner was female or person of color or both! He has designated himself basically enemy of the people. Ready for a little pep talk? Insurance is a hedge against risk , a carbon tax is a key to risk reduction, so no tax will mean rising customer premiums. While much of the Trump agenda is in chaos,it's chugging ahead on environmental deregulation,including new moves to undo climate regs. Governor Brown's Executive Order commits California to become carbon neutral in all its operations by It's sustainability. Luxury brands such as Burberry have long preferred to burn or bury unsold items rather than risk being spotted in discount stores.

The practice drew investor outrage. Green, it seems, is the new black. Nighttime temperature lows at record highs this summer. For now, Duke Energy will reinstate net metering for its customers with rooftop solar panels. A plea to Governor Brown to sign a bill that sets a zero-carbon energy bill for California.

What every happened to the Mayor's vow to make organic waste recycling program go Citywide? And we know that both because of the text of the Clean Air Act and because the Supreme Court has ruled clearly on this point three times! Look around town for the Climate Museum 10 distress sign installations. Oregon solar projects buy insurance to guarantee against failures to generate contracted-for power. Unhappy rooftop PV leasers linked to slumping installations on Long Island. Like it or not, we are all in this together.

When ice melts in the Arctic, the west burns. Congrats to MichaelGerrard for this well deserved award!! The number of US heat-related deaths dropped from , but not because the temperature's gone down.

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The four generations of the Parker family represent a strong example of the preservation of history through family. Argentina Acts to Protect Local Films. Government bureaucrats colluded in the so-called loans-for-shares deals, allowing ownership of the stock-in-trust to be awarded at rigged auctions. The miles of undersea cable tothe mainland grid is another huge expense. Gas supplies resumed.

Paul Krugman speaks truth to power, but is the GOP listening? Coastal state home owners are already starting to pay for flooding linked to sea level rise. I have a suggestion. With ambitions offshore wind power goals , New York looks for lessons from European industry leaders. A subsidy to advance offshore wind projects in NJ, will come from surcharge on utility bills.

Early in the 20th Century , NYC architects found inspiration in designing ways for citizens to interact with nature, some projects are being rediscovered now. Bill McKibben writes that climate activists must not abandon progressive Democratic candidates because of the DNC decision to take fossil fuel money -- they're different. If organized labor interests are the rationale for the Democratic National Committee reversing its ban on accepting fossil fuel industry money, is this a return to BAU or are other forces in play now? Want to sweat more?

Try these 10 NYC subway stations. China's sharp cutbacks on imports of recyclable materials drive up costs to NY programs. Two folks take a road trip across the country to talk with people, not at people, about climate change. Florida's US Senate race could pivot on an infestation of toxic blue-green algae, as candidates accuse each other of inaction. The battery pioneer John Goodenough , at age 96, reinvents this essential gear for EV's. Bill McKibben's take on California legislation to end fossil fuel use to create electricity by This is his last chance to stand with us or we will replace him with someone who will.

HeatWeek pic. Words matter - so what's the debate about calling our climate changed circumstances the 'new normal'? Is there a cure for what's ails the Tesla solar roof factory in Buffalo? Award-winning novelist William T.

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Vollman writes a 2 volume non-fiction work, which views climate as an unavoidable calamity. Should the US expect Russian cyber attacks on the power grid? Not a novel, not in Brooklyn , but an idea for places to swim of the island of Manhattan. NYC's Brownfields program for cleaning up polluted industrial sites is 9 years old, how's it doing?

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The beginning of the end for the Age of Plastics? What can an astrophysicist teach us about living in the era of climate disruption?

I smoke! Chicago, we're at 2.

Who else wants to know how many cigarettes they didn't know they are smoking each day? The NYC Council will try to cap the number of ride-hailing vehicles on the streets. Looking to create an offshore wind power business hub , Virginia hires a consultant. San Francisco resolves to screen its insurance contracts over investments in fossil fuel assets. First impressions of using a dockless bike in NYC. What are the prospects for converting the Hoover Dam into a battery to store renewable energy?