Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed™ II
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The graphics are spectacular, with some cutscenes that look like they could have been clipped from a feature film. The slightest details, such as water dripping and splashing off metal, are amazing. There are the moments of sheer awe, such as when you free-fall toward a gigantic monster. The experience is grand.

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The voice acting and character models are incredible. I was at first taken aback at the story's breakneck pace as it hurls you through the levels. I soon realized that the story is much like a graphic novel: It gives you only enough story to understand the plot as it catapults you into the action.

Lightsaber attacks are more brutal in Unleashed II. You can hack off limbs and decapitate enemies. Your Force push ability will tear the armor off of stormtroopers and Force lightning will fry things down to ash.

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A nice addition is the special bonus costumes you get if you completed the original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The game offers no new Force powers besides Jedi mind trick. Also, the game suffers from some repetitive actions. It will be great for old fans and new fans and fans soon-to-be.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is an action-adventure platform video game developed and published by LucasArts. It is the second installment of The Force . The Star Wars® Saga continues with Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed™ II, the highly anticipated sequel to the fastest-selling Star Wars game.

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You can not rely on this though, so it is better not to fall at all. Neither is compatible with existing lore, and one of them even fails to answer the clone question or make any sense. Filter by: All reviews All reviews Most recent. There were more levels, longer too, like dagobah wasnt a cutscene it was actually a puzzle level. Players will be able to gain XP by using props in imaginative ways, and this in turn feeds Starkiller's Force Fury gauge, which gives a temporary mega-boost to his powers. The Wii version of the game was generally considered by reviewers to be the better version of the game, due to the significantly different storyline, extra levels and the addition of a multiplayer mode. There are enemies who will only succumb to certain tactics, like flying Stormtroopers who must be zapped out of the air with Force Lightning and robots with enormous shields that have to be flung away with Force Grip.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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