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Response of Nehemiah
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His mourning and fasting was not over the pathetic situation of Jerusalem. Instead, it was over the cause that had brought about this situation. His mourning caused fasting, not vice-versa.


Nehemiah quickly responded to the news from Hanani, the news of the brokenness of the city, with his own inward brokenness. The conditions. Nehemiah's first reaction to the tragic news is to mourn for several days (). This understandable response of grief, however, is soon replaced with.

He did not fast to mourn. Rather, his mourning caused his hunger to cease. As soon as he heard this news about the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah did not call any bretheren with him in captivity first and share his feelings. Neither did he call upon God immediately. Instead, he looked into himself.

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He chose to examine himself rather than his bretheren. Why did Nehemiah not cry out to God then and there? Its because he knew His God very well. Nehemiah was a prayerful man. He knew that God is holy and perfect. He knew that the Lord God of Israel never does any mistake. My dear friends, our Lord is our refuge and our strong tower. He is available to us all the time.

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But He is not the reason behind the closed doors to our prayers. Its not He who has caused our expectations to fall.

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He is the same holy and perfect God, awesome and great……merciful and loving. The reason behind our troubles and disgrace is within ourselves. Its neither in our neighbors nor in our God. We are the reason for our unanswered prayers. So lets change our response to our situations. Lets learn from this great man of God. He prayed : After giving expression to his deep grievance over the situation and self-examination, Nehemiah now raised his voice to the maker of heaven and earth. We have not obeyed the commands, decrees and laws you gave your servant Moses…..

The right revelation : Nehemiah was a wise man of God. His prayerfulness had made him wise. The more one talks to another person, the more he knows him. The more we pray, the more we know Him, whom we call upon. So, being aware of this, more than the prayers he would pray, Nehemiah was more concerned about the attentiveness of God towards those prayers. How many of us are concerned about this? How easily we assume and in fact love to think and believe that all our prayers are attentively being heard by our Lord God Almighty always.

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Nehemiah had the right revelation about God. As apostle Paul wrote, we ought to pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him Eph.

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The right approach to the throne : Nehemiah confessed the sins committed by his own family including himself first. Both King David and Nehemiah has written about the ears of God being attentive and His eyes being open in a sequence.

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It shows the complete focus and attentiveness to the person talking to Him. He thus removes every obstacle of his own sinfulness that might hinder his prayers. My dear friends, our prayers reach the throne of grace.

Grace is the undeserved merit. Yet, this grace is holy in nature, because it originates from a holy God. It does not ignore the sinfulness, but easily forgives every truly confessed sins.

Who is an evil person? A person committing sin is not evil. In that way, the whole mankind is evil. The word says that every person is born in sin. But a person refusing to confess his sinfulness is considered as evil.

Response to Division Within the Camp (Nehemiah 5:1-7)

He was confident about his prayers being heard. And he knew that once his prayers are heard, surely they would be answered.

Nehemiah 1:1-2:20 – Jerusalem as the Object of Reproach

To be confident of our answers, we should be confident of our prayers. For its our sins alone that hinder our prayers. The right submission : Neh. Give your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of this man. After confessing his own sinfulness, he further quoted the promise of God.

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At the close of the prayer, he presented his point of prayer….. This point amazed me. I might have rebuked the opposition forces in the name of Christ Jesus. I would have prayed to use the people who are already there in Jerusalem, who are back from exile to be strengthened and used for the purpose. But God taught me a lot from this prayer of Nehemiah. He neither prayed for others to be anointed for the purpose nor prayed for the destruction of all those who opposed it.

He submitted himself for the purpose. Taking principles presented in the book of Nehemiah, Nelson builds a foundation for any church to use when ministering to those in the wake of a disaster. In Nehemiah Response , he shows by example how applicable the Bible is, especially in extreme crisis, whether it be natural, relational, or financial.

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