Brain Storms; Surviving Catastrophic Illness

Brain Storms: Surviving Catastrophic Illness
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Together they started the Adopt a Suite program where donors name a room, which personalizes the process both for the donor and the clients who stay here. Another initiative of the board was to raise awareness about A Port.

Another thing that makes Lawrence proud of A Port is the fact that a large percentage of donations goes directly to the clients, not the organization. That way we can get the room rates as low as possible. Lawrence says that being here made such a difference in his life he continues to be involved and not just at the board level.

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For example, combating domestic violence after a disaster will require collaboration among disaster organizations, domestic violence groups, law enforcement, local media and more. Resources intended to help women and families experiencing domestic violence — such as legal aid or transportation assistance — should be included in disaster response programs.

Communities should also help disaster survivors get reconnected: to their friends and family, to new people in the community and to the place they may be temporarily staying while displaced. Social capital and support may be the most important resources for individuals coping with disasters. Community events, such as neighborhood dinners, might help foster connections. Social media platforms can help bring together neighbors who are displaced and waiting to return home.

'Katrina brain': The invisible long-term toll of megastorms

Finally, a variety of mental health interventions — such as psychological first aid , crisis counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy — can help those who have experienced a disaster. These programs can be delivered through many community systems, including mental health agencies, schools and more.

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How One Brain Came Back From Unconsciousness

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To make sure, Giacino pulled a physical-therapy manual off a nightstand and instructed the wife to read a passage. As of this writing, the population had grown back to nearly 80 percent of where it was before the hurricane. New research now published in Biological Psychiatry from Dr. He survived and went on to take cancer treatments including 14 months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation. Chodobski A. Gruetter R. Lama, R.

Summary Can one person survive four brain hemorrhages and two brain surgeries, and still live a normal, joyful life?